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Mastering Legal English with TOLES: A Precision English Offering

Unlock global opportunities with Precision English's TOLES course—master Legal English through specialized curriculum, flexible learning options, and real-world application. Elevate your legal career with an internationally recognized qualification.
In the intricate world of law, the precision of language is pivotal.
Legal English, with its unique terminology and structure, is essential for lawyers working in the international arena.
The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) course, offered through our online school Precision English, caters to this need. This course is available in both synchronous and asynchronous learning formats, accommodating the diverse schedules and learning styles of legal professionals.
Legal English: The Lingua Franca of International Law
Understanding Complex Legal Documents: Legal English is crucial for comprehending contracts, treaties, and other legal documents that are often drafted in nuanced legal language.
Effective International Communication: With English being the primary language in international legal settings, proficiency in Legal English is key to effective communication with clients, colleagues, and in international courts.
Professional Growth and Global Opportunities: A solid command of Legal English opens doors to global career opportunities and is essential for keeping up with international legal developments.
Why TOLES Through Precision English?

Specialized and Relevant Curriculum
The TOLES course offered by Precision English is not just about learning English; it's about mastering the language as it is used in the legal profession. This includes:
• Learning legal terminology and phrases
• Understanding the subtleties of legal drafting
• Engaging in simulations of legal negotiations and arguments in English
Flexible Learning Options
Understanding the busy schedules of legal professionals, Precision English offers the TOLES course in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. This flexibility allows learners to engage with the material at their own pace and according to their own schedules, making it more accessible and convenient.
Global Recognition and Career Advancement
TOLES is an internationally recognized qualification, and earning it through Precision English signifies a high level of proficiency in Legal English. This recognition can be a significant boost for career advancement, especially for those seeking positions in international law firms or global corporations.
Practical, Real-World Application
The course focuses on practical, real-world legal tasks rather than theoretical knowledge. It includes case studies, document analysis, and practice with actual legal communication scenarios, ensuring that the skills learned are immediately applicable in professional settings.
For legal professionals navigating the global legal landscape, proficiency in Legal English and a TOLES certification are invaluable assets. The TOLES course offered through Precision English, with its flexible synchronous and asynchronous formats, represents a practical and accessible solution for lawyers and legal practitioners worldwide. By enhancing their ability to understand and communicate in Legal English, lawyers can effectively engage in international legal processes, expand their professional horizons, and stay at the forefront of the global legal community.
In the world of law, where every word counts, mastering Legal English through the TOLES course at Precision English is not just an educational achievement; it’s a strategic tool for success in the international legal arena.

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