FAQs for Precision English Online School

FAQ 1: What types of English courses does Precision English offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of online English courses to cater to various needs: General English, Business English, Exam Preparation for English Language Certificates, CV and Personal Statement Writing, Academic English (including dissertation writing, referencing, and citation, as well as academic presentation skills), and IELTS Academic Reading and Writing Preparation.

FAQ 2: Are the courses offered by Precision English synchronous or asynchronous?

We offer both asynchronous learning courses for those who prefer a self-paced study and synchronous 1:1 online teaching sessions for personalized guidance.

FAQ 3: How can I benefit from General English lessons at Precision English?

Our General English lessons are designed to improve your everyday communication skills in English, covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These lessons can help you gain confidence and fluency, whether for travel, work, or personal enrichment.

FAQ 4: What will I learn in a Business English course?

The Business English course focuses on language and skills needed in professional settings. You'll learn industry-specific vocabulary, formal communication techniques, email etiquette, presentation skills, and more to excel in the global business environment.

FAQ 5: Can Precision English help me prepare for English language proficiency exams?

Absolutely. Our exam preparation courses are tailored to help you succeed in various English language certification exams by providing practice tests, strategies for each exam section, and personalized feedback to enhance your performance.

FAQ 6: What services does Precision English provide for CV and personal statement writing?

We offer specialized services to help you craft compelling CVs and personal statements. This includes structure and content advice, editing for clarity and impact, and strategies to present your experiences and qualifications effectively.

FAQ 7: What kind of assistance does Precision English offer for Academic English?

Our Academic English services support you in all aspects of academic writing and presentations. This includes assistance with dissertation writing, blog drafting, scientific brochure design, as well as guidance on proper referencing and citation practices.

FAQ 8: How can I enroll in the IELTS Academic Reading and Writing Preparation course?

You can enroll through our website. Our IELTS preparation course offers comprehensive training, with a focus on reading and writing components, to help you achieve your desired band score.

FAQ 9: Do I get any certification upon completing a course with Precision English?

Yes, upon successful completion of any of our courses, you will receive a certificate from Precision English that acknowledges your dedication and achievement.

FAQ 10: How are the synchronous online teaching sessions conducted?

Our one-on-one sessions are conducted via a secure online platform that allows real-time interaction with your instructor. You can schedule sessions at your convenience and access them from anywhere in the world.

FAQ 11: What sets Precision English apart from other online English schools?

Precision English is dedicated to providing personalized, flexible, and effective English learning solutions. Our courses are designed by experienced educators and tailored to meet the unique needs of each learner. With our commitment to quality and student success, we ensure that your learning experience is nothing short of excellent.

FAQs on Payment, Coupons, and Course Completion at Precision English

FAQ 12: What payment methods are accepted at Precision English?

We accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience, including major credit/debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. All payments are processed through a secure online payment system to ensure your details are protected.

FAQ 13:  Is it possible to get a refund if I am not satisfied with the course?

We stand behind the quality of our courses. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund within a specified period as per our refund policy. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on our website for detailed information on eligibility for refunds.

FAQ 14:  How do I apply a coupon code to my course purchase?

If you have a coupon code, you can apply it at checkout. Enter the code in the designated field, and the discount will be automatically applied to the total cost of your course. Please note that coupons may have expiration dates or specific terms and conditions.

FAQ 15: Can I use more than one coupon code at a time?

Typically, only one coupon code can be used per purchase. However, we occasionally offer special promotions that may allow the use of multiple coupons. Check our website or sign up for our newsletter for the latest offers and promotion rules.

FAQ 16: Are there any hidden fees in the course prices?

No, there are no hidden fees. The price listed for each course is all-inclusive. Any additional optional services will be clearly marked and will require your explicit consent before any charges are made.

FAQ 17: What happens after I complete an asynchronous course?

Upon completion of an asynchronous course, you will need to pass a final assessment to demonstrate your understanding of the material. Once passed, you will receive a digital certificate of completion, which you can download and print for your records.

FAQ 18: How long do I have access to the asynchronous course materials?

You will have access to the course materials for a specific duration from the date of enrollment, which allows you to learn at your own pace. The access period for each course is stated on the course page.

FAQ 19: Can I extend my access to the asynchronous course materials if needed?

Yes, if you need more time to complete your course, we offer extensions for a nominal fee. Please contact our support team before your access expires to request an extension.

FAQ 20: How are the asynchronous courses structured?

Our asynchronous courses are composed of video lectures, readings, interactive exercises, and assessments. They are designed to be engaging and comprehensive, allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge and practice at your convenience.

FAQ 21: Will I receive feedback on my progress in an asynchronous course?

Yes, our asynchronous courses are designed to support your independent learning while still providing personalized feedback. You will receive automated feedback on quizzes and assignments to help you gauge your understanding of the course material. Additionally, our courses include six opportunities for live feedback from our tutors, which can take the form of written feedback or one-on-one 15-minute online sessions. These are included in the course price, ensuring that you have all the support you need to succeed.

FAQ 22: How does Precision English ensure the quality of its courses without current accreditation?

We ensure quality through a robust curriculum designed by experienced educators, comprehensive teaching materials, regular updates to course content, and a personalized approach to student learning. Our internal standards are rigorous, and we continuously seek external validation to align with international benchmarks.

FAQ 23: Is Precision English working towards accreditation?

Yes, Precision English is actively pursuing accreditation from reputable boards to ensure that our certificates carry the weight they deserve. This process involves rigorous scrutiny of our course content, teaching methods, and assessment procedures to ensure they meet specific educational standards.

FAQ 24: How can I verify the accreditation status of Precision English?

We are transparent about our accreditation journey. Updates about our accreditation status and partnerships with recognized boards will be shared on our website. You can also contact our customer service team for the latest information on our accreditation process and affiliations.

FAQ 25: Will my current course certificate become accredited in the future?

Our goal is to achieve accreditation that recognizes the quality of our courses retroactively. However, accreditation is a complex process and we cannot guarantee retroactive recognition. We will provide our students with any new certificates if our accreditation applies to courses completed in the past.

FAQ 26: What is the benefit of having an accredited certificate from Precision English?

An accredited certificate demonstrates to employers, educational institutions, and professional bodies that you have achieved a certain level of proficiency in English. It also ensures that the education you have received meets the high standards set by the accrediting organization, which can be a significant advantage in your academic or professional career.
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