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English for Specific Purposes 

Business English Course 

60-Hour Course 
nhancing Professional Communication, Negotiation Skills, and Vocabulary for Global Business Environments.
  • Master Business Correspondence
  • Enhance Meeting Facilitation and Participation Skills
  • Refine Presentation Skills
  • Expand Business Vocabulary and Contextual Understanding

Legal English (TOLES foundation exams preparation) 

80-Hour Course 
Essential Language Skills for Law Professionals, Focusing on Terminology, Communication, and Practical Application.
  • Specialized Vocabulary Mastery
  • Practical Application of Language Skills
  • Understanding of Legal Systems
  • Cultural Competence in Legal Contexts

English for the Financial Sector 

60-Hour Course
Mastering Industry-Specific Vocabulary, Financial Reporting Language, and Effective Communication Skills.
  • Targeted Financial Vocabulary
  • Real-World Financial Communication Skills
  • Cross-Cultural Financial Literacy
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities

English for Academic Purposes 

Academic English for Dissertations 

30-Lesson Bundle 
Expert Academic English lessons for improving editing skills to enhance your dissertation's clarity, coherence, and scholarly tone for successful evaluations.
  • Elevate argument; refine academic language.
  • Structure content; enhance logical flow.
  • Integrate research; maintain cohesive discourse.

Referencing and Citations

10-Lesson Bundle
Teaching precision in referencing and citation  to ensure your academic work meets rigorous scholarly standards and avoids plagiarism.

  • Accurate citations prevent academic misconduct.
  • Seamless integration of scholarly sources.
  • Mastering styles: APA, MLA, Chicago.

Scientific posters, Blogs and Presentations 

Depending on the Project
Crafting engaging scientific posters, insightful blogs, and dynamic presentations to effectively communicate your academic research and findings.
  • Convey science with visual impact.
  • Blogging distills complex research ideas.
  • Presentations: articulate, engage, and enlighten.

   CV/Personal Statements  


  • Showcase strengths; craft compelling narratives.
  • Tailor experiences to fit goals.
  • Highlight achievements; personalize your journey.
  • Engage readers with authentic storytelling.

Interview Preparation 

£170 (Full preparation bundle)

  • Anticipate questions; practice confident responses.
  • Communicate skills with succinct stories.
  • Master body language; exude confidence.
  • Research company; align with mission.

Business Presentation

£170 (full preparation bundle)

  • Strategize responses; exhibit professional poise.
  • Mock interviews sharpen real performance.
  • Custom feedback hones interview finesse.
  • Negotiation tactics ensure offer success.
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