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General English
Business English 
English for Academic Purposes
Legal English (TOLES Certificate)
English for the Financial Sector
IELTS Academic writing
IELTS Academic Reading
Preparation for English Tests
CV and Personal Statement Writing 
Interview Preparation
Preparation for Business Presentations
Qualified and Experienced Instructors
Interactive Learning Material
Live Classes and Real-time Feedback
Personalized Learning Paths

Money Back Guarantee

At Precision English LearnWorlds, your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the course within a set period, we'll refund your investment in full, ensuring a risk-free learning experience.

Free Trial or Sample Lesson

Offering a free trial class or sample lesson can lower the barrier to entry and let prospective students experience your teaching style and course quality firsthand.

Interactive Curriculum

Our IELTS courses are specifically designed to engage learners through hands-on activities, real-time feedback, and collaborative tasks, fostering a deeper understanding and retention of the subject matter. This dynamic approach not only enhances motivation but also allows for personalized learning pathways, ensuring that each individual can apply and excel in real-world situations.

Value for Money

At Precision English, our comprehensive courses deliver unparalleled quality instruction and resources, providing you with the skills to succeed at a fraction of the cost of traditional language schools. With our expertly designed curriculum and flexible learning options, you'll experience a high return on investment—both in terms of time and career advancement.
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Unlock Your Global Potential: From IELTS to the Boardroom

Learn Smart, Not Hard: Adaptive English Lessons for the Modern Professional

Achieve Global Competence and Career Success through Comprehensive Learning
  • Unlock the doors to international career advancement and academic success with our specialized Business English and IELTS courses.

  • Our expert-led training equips you with the precise language skills you need to excel in the global arena, whether it's in the boardroom or the classroom.


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Master the Words that Open Worlds
Business English & IELTS Courses
  • Turn Ambition into Achievement with Our Premier Business English and IELTS Training.
  • Gain the Confidence and Capability to Excel in Any English-Speaking Environment
  • Unlock a Universe of Opportunities with Specialized Courses Tailored for You
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Conquer IELTS Reading and Writing
Tailored Curriculum
Our IELTS courses are specifically designed to tackle the challenges of the reading and writing modules, ensuring you’re well-equipped to obtain a band score that reflects your true potential.

Experienced Tutors

Our certified instructors provide personalized guidance and employ interactive learning methods to help you grasp the nuances of the English language.

Practice Makes Perfect

With an extensive collection of up-to-date practice materials and mock tests, we give you ample opportunities to simulate the IELTS experience before the big day.

Master Business English

Real-world Application
Our Business English courses focus on the language skills required for effective communication in the business world—ranging from crafting emails to leading negotiations.

Industry-Specific Modules
We offer specialized modules for various sectors like finance, healthcare, and technology, making sure the vocabulary and idioms you learn are immediately applicable.

Industry-Specific Modules
We offer specialized modules for various sectors like finance, healthcare, and technology, making sure the vocabulary and idioms you learn are immediately applicable.

Perfect Pronunciation for Business Presentations

Custom Workshops
We conduct specialised workshops aimed at honing your pronunciation, ensuring that you articulate yourself clearly and confidently in business presentations.

Interactive Learning

Through real-time feedback and comprehensive audiovisual materials, we make the learning process engaging and effective.

Perfect Pronunciation for Business Presentations

The importance of intonation, chunking, stress, pace, and connected speech in business presentations, sales pitches, and negotiations

Enhances Clarity and Persuasiveness:  

Intonation—the rise and fall of the voice in speaking—plays a crucial role in conveying meaning and emotions.

Facilitates Understanding Through Chunking

Chunking, or breaking down information into smaller, digestible units, is vital for comprehension. In fast-paced business environments, listeners may struggle to follow complex information.

Regulates Flow and Interest with Pace

The pace of speech can control the flow of a presentation or conversation. A well-regulated pace—neither too fast nor too slow—keeps the audience's attention and allows time for the information to sink in.

Promotes Natural and Engaging Interaction with Connected Speech

Connected speech makes the presentation or conversation sound more natural and fluent, which is more engaging for the listener. 

Asychronous Learning Courses

Learn at Your Own Pace
Our asynchronous courses give you the flexibility to study when it suits you.

Blended Learning 

Dynamic Learning, Dual Modes
Experience the synergy of classroom engagement and online convenience.

Online 1:1 sessions 

We enhance our virtual programs by allowing our learners to access high-quality live 1:1 lessons as well as up to 15 student cloud classrooms for Materclasses.
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Choose your 1:1 payment plan

Pay as you go 

Organise your lessons without committing to a payment in advance. 
  • No transaction fees
  • Determine your own lesson availability
  • A huge array of resources are included in the cost.

10-Lesson Package

Enjoy a 15% discount on this 10-lesson package by purchasing it now.
  • No transaction fees
  • Determine your own lesson availability
  • A huge array of resources are included in the cost.

20-Lesson Package

By purchasing the 20-lesson package, you can take advantage of the best deal available.
  • No transaction fees
  • Determine your own lesson availability
  • A huge array of resources are included in the cost.

English for Specific Purposes 

Legal English (TOLES foundation exams preparation) 

80-Hour Course 
Essential Language Skills for Law Professionals, Focusing on Terminology, Communication, and Practical Application.
  • Specialized Vocabulary Mastery
  • Practical Application of Language Skills
  • Understanding of Legal Systems
  • Cultural Competence in Legal Contexts

English for the Financial Sector 

60-Hour Course
Mastering Industry-Specific Vocabulary, Financial Reporting Language, and Effective Communication Skills.
  • Targeted Financial Vocabulary
  • Real-World Financial Communication Skills
  • Cross-Cultural Financial Literacy
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities

Business English Course 

60-Hour Course
Enhancing Professional Communication, Negotiation Skills, and Vocabulary for Global Business Environments.
  • Master Business Correspondence
  • Enhance Meeting Facilitation and Participation Skills
  • Refine Presentation Skills
  • Expand Business Vocabulary and Contextual Understanding

English for Academic Purposes 

Academic English for Dissertations 

30-lesson Bundle 
Expert Academic English lessons for improving editing skills to enhance your dissertation's clarity, coherence, and scholarly tone for successful evaluations.
  • Elevate argument; refine academic language.
  • Structure content; enhance logical flow.
  • Integrate research; maintain cohesive discourse.

Referencing and Citations

10-lesson Bundle
Teaching precision in referencing and citation  to ensure your academic work meets rigorous scholarly standards and avoids plagiarism.

  • Accurate citations prevent academic misconduct.
  • Seamless integration of scholarly sources.
  • Mastering styles: APA, MLA, Chicago.

Scientific posters, Blogs and Presentations 

Depending on the Project 
Crafting engaging scientific posters, insightful blogs, and dynamic presentations to effectively communicate your academic research and findings.
  • Convey science with visual impact.
  • Blogging distills complex research ideas.
  • Presentations: articulate, engage, and enlighten.

   CV/Personal Statements  


  • Showcase strengths; craft compelling narratives.
  • Tailor experiences to fit goals.
  • Highlight achievements; personalize your journey.
  • Engage readers with authentic storytelling.

Interview Preparation 

£170 (Full preparation bundle)

  • Anticipate questions; practice confident responses.
  • Communicate skills with succinct stories.
  • Master body language; exude confidence.
  • Research company; align with mission.

Business Presentation

£170 (full preparation bundle)

  • Strategize responses; exhibit professional poise.
  • Mock interviews sharpen real performance.
  • Custom feedback hones interview finesse.
  • Negotiation tactics ensure offer success.
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